Friday, November 05, 2004

Really Bad Day

Hmmm... I can tell you today it was the worst fear for any Grand Theft Auto fan. Today, I was about to play GTA: SA then, the old game didn't load. I then asked my little 8 year old brother and he said 'I accidently delete.' I was so furious I took his Spiderman CD and hid it from him. I did however threw his back-up CD which was a fake one. Still, I have to start everything all over again. Anyway, peace!


He Who Won Once Wins Again: A None Biased Report

It is he who have won. A guy who choked on a pretzel, a guy called the biggest Hollywood villain of the year and the idiot who went and attack Iraq. President Bush has indeed won the Presidential election. Asian stock rises with Bush's victory. But still, three states have to have a recount. Ohio, Iowa and New Mexico. Well, all I can say is, the Republicans have claimed that they are victorious but the Democrats say and quote: "Every vote counts!" Indeed, this is a tight race. Nobody knows who is going to win. All I can say is that Iowa can go to Kerry, Ohio to even split and New Mexico to Bush. This is all I have to say, reporting live in front of the computer and my TV, I'm Impulse of Malaysia.

Update on the report - President Geroge W. Bush has won the election. No doubt this election was the hardest to beat for the last 100 years. With a too close to call problem in Ohio, the state is later given to George W. Bush a victory of 274 electoral votes. Electoral votes are the only thing which is essential for a candidate to win the election. As for Kerry, he lost. Many Kerry supporters have indeed broke down in tears. Well, no worries my people as I see, the next election, anyone who is not George W. Bush is going to win because you can only have two terms in office XD! So, God Bless you All!

Reporting live from Habladad, My House, Malaysia, I'm Impulse