Monday, August 22, 2005

Jumpin' Jambalaya Batman, TAR 8

Three days have past during this holiday semester and I was deprived of technology for the first two days. At least today, I get to enjoy the smell of Crawfish Jambalaya and registration of a site. The Sims 2 either rock or you have to be freaking retard to like it because of it's bare necessity. Now, I have done my research on the Transition Metals Used In Industries so I am now going to enjoy a good fragging session on Halo, bludgeoning of the head in Civ 3, putting into a hole in Sim Golf and playing dress-up like a demented stripper in The Sims 2.

Last Friday, I had to go on the stage to give some poetry about this country. I am so sorry that I suck at it. I had to scream at the top of my voice and do the dang thing. Now I know how Jon Heder feels when he was doing that dance in Napoleon Dynamite.

Discoveries of the Amazing Race 8 that it is a family edition might scare everyone. Groups of 4 people will run their lives for 1 million dollars. A little girl aged 9 is supposedly the train of competitive spirit. If I asked her, "Girl, what do you wanna do with your money?" and she says she wanna buy a pony, I will fucking slap her face. Some people are doing it to reconnect their family. That's good and great but what I hate is feint cheers and camera mugging moments. Now, if we only need an Asian team. Purely Asian going like "Me love you long time" kind of Asian. Two Asian who can't speak proper and gramatically correct English or even with an Indian accent. Guess that will never happen.

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