Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Feeling Better...

Ah. Thank you people at Forumites for making my day by calming me down. Thanks for cheering me up. I had a rough day yesterday. Yesterday, I felt my lowest in years. This was not a suicide note. I said and quote, "I would gladly do it but my fear of God shows me not to." I have a fully conscious mind and because I fear Him more than anything else in the world and my full moral beliefs, I know that was wrong. I said I could do it but I can't. Life is too precious. Yesterday, I needed somebody to talk to. My brother got me absoutely pissed yesterday. Then, there is... never mind.

Anyway, I feel bad for making you guys feel bad with this post so please, forgive me. Thanks again for cheering me up. Thanks everyone for making my day back to normal. I cried when I read some post, looking that I am appreciated.